Do you want your kids to have a positive spiritual experience in a nontraditional format? Do you want them to develop their own fulfilling spiritual life? Unity may be your answer!


The Kids of Unity program (KOU) is held on Sunday mornings while adults attend the service. Led by a team of experienced educators, KOU is designed with kids in mind and guides them through their own spiritual growth process.

The lessons are part of a curriculum provided by Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). They follow the Living Curriculum philosophy of Mildred Fillmore, one of the co-founders of Unity, who stated:

We each have our own truth within us already.
All of us have access to the Spirit within and follow our own unique spiritual path.

The Living Curriculum supports families, youth, and the church community in creating together an abundant life.

We honor the inherent wholeness and wisdom in each of us. We use storytelling, experience, and creative expression to bring out the Truth we already know.


5 basic unity principles


Kids of Unity is held every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. Kids start out in the service with their parents for a couple of minutes, then go to the KOU room. They finish with the adults in the service with the last two songs. Call (715) 836-0010 or e-mail for more information.

God is Life, All Good and Everywhere Always

I am an expression of the goodness of the universe

What I think and feel guides the way I see my life

I connect with life by sitting quietly and by praying

I make a difference by living the truth I know