Sunday Services


Rev Sandra

Please join us on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. 

All are Welcome

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Recent service videos are available below:


RISE Poppy Moelter 1/16/2022

GUIDANCE Rev Lyle Schlundt 1/9/2022

CLARITY Lou Longmire 2/2/2022

FAITH Rev Sandra McKinney 12/26/2021

THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS Rev Sandra McKinney 12/24/2021

WORLD PEACE Rev Lisa Herklotz 12/19/2021

LOVE Rev Lyle Schutte 12/12/2021

A TIME TO REST A TIME TO GO WITHIN  Lou Longmire 12/5/2021 


ADVENT Rev Sandra McKinney 11/28/2021

DAVID ROTH 11/21/2021 There's more to giving than giving thanks

NATURE AND FOREST 11/14/2021 Teresa Lugenbill


ARMISTICE Lou Longmire 11/7/2021

PROTECTIVE Sandi Anderson, LUT 10/31/2021

PASSION Rev Sandra McKinney 10/24/2021

WORLD PEACE Bill Mercer 10/17/2021


FAITH Rev Lyle Schlundt 10/3/2021

FREE Lou Longmire​ ​​​​​​9/19/2021


GUIDANCE Rev Lyle Schlundt 9/12/2021


BALANCE Lou Longmire 9/5/2021


AWARENESS Sandi Anderson LUT 8/29/2021

INSPIRATION Rev Sandra McKinney 8/22/2021

PROTECTED Rev Lyle Schlundt 8/8/2021

RADIENCE Lou Longmire 8/2/2021


PRAY FOR OTHERS Rev Lyle Schlundt 7/11/2021

FREEDOM Lou Longmire 7/1/2021

LET GO, AND LET GOD Rev Sandra McKinney 6/27/2021

FATHERLY LOVE Rev Ray Nelson 6/20/2021

WORLD PEACE Rev Lyle Schlundt 6/13/2021

HEALINGS Lou Longmire 6/6/2021


INNER PEACE Rev Sandra McKinney 5/30/2021

LIVING A LIFE OF FAITH Rev Ray Nelson 5/23/2021

STRENGTH Lou Longmire 5/16/2021

MOTHERLY LOVE Rev Lyle Schlundt 05/09/2021

GRACE  Lou Longmire 5/02/2021


THANKFUL Rev Sandra McKinney 4/25/2021

PRAY FOR OTHERS Rev Lyle Schlundt 4/18/2021

IMAGINATION - Lou Longmire. 4/11/2021

THE EASTER STORY Rev Sandra McKinney 4/11/2021

THE WALK TO JERUSALEM  Rev Sandra McKinney 3/28/2021

THE BRIDGE OF FAITH  Rev Greg Coles 3/21/2021

ENERGY - Lou Longmire  3/14/2021

WORLD PEACE. Rev. Lyle Schlundt. 3/7/2021

CONNECTING THE DOTS  Rev Sandra McKinney. 2/28/2021

LET GO LET GOD  Lou Longmire  2/21/2021